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It's a cool, foggy day in the city, and Fiona is bored. So bored, in fact, that she doesn't see the Fog sneak right up behind her and steal her favorite scarf! Follow Fiona as she chases the Fog across the city and back...and has a much more exciting day than she ever expected.

"Fiona & the Fog" is a beautiful moving picture-book that spins a whimsical tale through a new blend of animation and living photography. It's available now for iPad.

This app is an experiment in bringing a different design sense to children's books, and in blurring the lines between photography and video. For those interested, I've written a short blog post on some of the ideas behind the design.

William Poor is a video producer, writer, and designer based in San Francisco. He currently works as a producer at Discovery Digital Networks, and is hard at work on his second picture book, "The Color Collector". To learn more about William, visit williampoor.com.

Written, designed, illustrated, and coded by William Poor. Story by William Poor and Toshiro Sugihara. Music by Ted Poor. Additional illustrations by Meg Gallagher. Editing help from Meg Gallagher, Laura Melahn, Pat Bulger, Joan Clawson, Geoff Poor, Paul Rosa.