Afghanistan: US State Department watchdog to examine end of operations in Afghanistan – Times of India

WASHINGTON: The US Department of StateBiden’s Inspector General to review the end of the Biden administration’s diplomatic operations in Afghanistan, including the emergency evacuation of the US embassy in Kabul, a spokesperson said on Monday.
The ministry’s Acting Inspector General will also review its special immigrant visa program, the treatment of Afghans for admission as refugees and their resettlement in the United States.
The Acting Inspector General, Diana shaw, informed Congress on Monday that his office was launching “several surveillance projects” linked to the end of US military and diplomatic missions in Afghanistan.
A congressional adviser said an IG briefing was scheduled for Tuesday.
The planned assessment was first reported by Politics.
The US-backed Afghan government collapsed in mid-August as the Taliban swept through the country with lightning speed and marched to the capital, Kabul.
American Republicans have harshly criticized the president Joe bidenfor the dramatic collapse of the two-decade war effort, although the president’s approval ratings have largely recovered after an initial blow related to the chaotic withdrawal.
Thirteen American soldiers also died in a suicide bombing on August 26 as they tried to protect the evacuation effort that ultimately relied on the support of the militant Islamist Taliban, a long-standing American enemy.

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