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States tighten genetic confidentiality

If you already have spit into a plastic tube or swab your cheek and send your saliva in the mail…

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Childhood immunizations, treatment advances and more coronavirus news

One shot for children move forward, immunization mandates take effect and new treatments hold promise. Here’s what you need to…

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A erroneous and bizarre theory of the origin of Covid-19 is gaining ground

“I don’t see any motive, but I think they are not independent of each other,” says Rambaut. “Because once that…

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How the cuttlefish’s robust memory system defies old age

Do you remember what did you eat last weekend? This ability is a function of episodic memory, and the way…

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Spring flooding is about to become more of a nuisance

During summer of 2017, the tide reached historic highs again and again in Honolulu, higher than at any time during…

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Here’s how aliens could search for human life

In research for extraterrestrial life, we are usually the ones Make the spying. But Cornell University astronomer Lisa Kaltenegger wanted…

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