Obama-era veteran Kurt Campbell to be White House’s Indo-Pacific coordinator – Times of India

WASHINGTON: President-elect of the United States Joe biden chose a veteran of the Obama administration, Kurt Campbell, to be its White House coordinator for the Indo-Pacific region, which covers relations with China, a Biden transition spokeswoman said on Wednesday.
Campbell, who was the principal American diplomat for Asia under President Barack obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, is seen as one of the architects of their “pivot to Asia” strategy, a much-vaunted US rebalancing but still limited resources to the region.
“I can confirm that Kurt will be the Indo-Pacific coordinator at the NSC,” the transition spokesperson said, referring to the White House National Security Council.
Campbell has since led the Asia group’s business strategy consulting and advised Biden’s campaign. He is co-founder of the Center for a New American Security think tank.
Campbell described his approach to Asia in a 2016 book called “The Pivot” in which he advocated strengthening existing alliances with Japan and South Korea and forging closer relationships with states like India. and Indonesia in the face of the rise of China.
He has since endorsed some of the tough approaches to China taken by the outgoing Trump administration and also praised some of Trump’s unprecedented relationship with North Korea.
In doing so, he stressed the need for the new administration to rebuild and reconcile at home and backed down in his past support for a trans-pacific partnership trade deal that Washington negotiated under Obama and from which Trump withdrew.

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