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Richard Burke, CEO of Envoy Global

MUMBAI: US employers continue to take advantage of green card sponsorship as an acquisition and retention tool. Almost 74% of respondents covered by Envoy’s “ Immigration Trends Report – 2021 ” said their organization had sponsored a foreign national for a green card. That figure was up from 71% in 2021 and the highest number reported the year before.
Facing large approval backlogs, especially for applicants from India and China, 58% of employers surveyed also said they initiated the green card process before an employee’s first birthday.
More than 500 human resources professionals and hiring managers in the United States participated in this survey conducted by Envoy, a global provider of immigration services. These responses have helped highlight immigration trends, amid heightened immigration surveillance and economic uncertainty created by the pandemic.
According to Richard burke, CEO of Envoy Global, “Despite a spike in general unemployment in the United States, the employers in our survey made it clear that they still need highly skilled foreign talent to fill key positions in their organizations, especially more than sudden remote working conditions accelerating the need for technological innovation. and digitization. ”
“In a year of border closures and limited consular operations, US universities and colleges have been an even greater source of recruiting for this type of talent and will likely continue to play a role in talent acquisition.” , did he declare.
Visa sponsorship remains an important talent acquisition strategy for employers despite travel restrictions and an economic downturn in 2020. According to the survey, 82% of respondents said they expected their national workforce foreigners will remain at least the same over the next year, and 59% expected it to increase. Additionally, 41% said widespread adoption of remote working would result in an increase in overseas domestic sponsorship, largely due to what they said was a still limited supply of talent.
Immigration policies remained a point of contention for employers: 54% of respondents said the lack of visa availability became more difficult under the previous one Trump administration and 52% reported increased costs.
In the future, employers cite faster processing times and an increase in the number of green cards and the visa options available for employment-based immigration as the most important reforms they would like to see addressed. However, support for changing or eliminating green card caps by country was mixed, with 48% of employers surveyed saying it would make hiring and retention easier, and 32% saying the opposite.
“Unfortunately, the current US immigration system continues to provide far too few avenues to employment for foreign graduates, despite an apparent increase in demand for visas such as the H-1B. As travel restrictions ease and vaccines become more widely available, employers expect the need for global assignments to fully rebound next year, especially to place talent unable to perform. obtain a work permit in the United States under the current system. Without reform, the United States risks losing both employers and talent to countries with more supportive policies, like Canada, ”Burke sums up.


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