The United States reaffirms its land border restrictions with Canada and Mexico, days after Canada eased theirs.

Residents on both sides of the border lobbied for the reopening and more than 2,800 people joined a private Facebook group organized by Let Us Reunite, an advocacy group, to push for a more border policy. relaxed.

One of the group members is Heather Kienle, an American citizen who lives in Montreal. Crossing the border has not been a problem for Ms. Kienle, but her Canadian husband, Etienne Bouchard, cannot.

For example, Mrs. Kienle, who is six months pregnant, often drives alone or with her four-year-old daughter for over eight hours in West Babylon, NY, to care for her mother, who has endometrial cancer.

“It was just very stressful because I had to travel alone, without my husband, and I had to take care of my daughter in the back seat,” Ms Kienle said Wednesday.

US politicians on both sides also opposed the restrictions.

Brian Higgins, a congressman who represents a district in western New York that borders Canada, said in a press release Wednesday that “today’s decision by the Biden administration is hurting economic recovery and harming families across America’s northern border; it is completely unnecessary.

Mexican authorities had recently expressed hope that the United States would agree to open its common border. A vaccination program in northern Mexico has also been stepped up. “We are working on it, so that the economic and social activity of the border can be regularized as quickly as possible,” said Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard. Forbes Mexicoo this month.

U.S. citizens can travel to Mexico for any reason – to buy cheaper goods, access cheaper health care, or because they live in Mexico and commute to work in the United States – but the closure of the border resulted in the loss of customers and the obligation to close many businesses.

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